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I’m a mom who set out to make our kids healthier and stronger. Follow me for 15-minute workouts and inspiration. You’ll be happy you did!

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15 Fun Minutes to Strong Kids

I wrote this book to help families learn how to build a lifetime of fun movement habits for their kids! The book is now available on Amazon Kindle.

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Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Monica Donosso. I am a mother and a fitness coach, the Move B Happy Coach!

It is my mission to help busy parents who cannot find the time to achieve health and fitness for themselves and their children with only 15 fun-filled minutes a day! 

Can you believe it, I am a working mom, a homeschooler and I run my own company! On top of that, I still find the time to workout with my kids …

Here are a few of my qualifications

American Council on Exercise

Group Fitness instructor and

Youth Fitness Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer



Breath Coach



Stretching Coach

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Here is where you can find me and where I create all of my courses!

Move B Happy, LLC

1317 Edgewater Drive, Suite 1521

Orlando, FL 32804

813- 419-0528