How Physical Exercise Can Help You Bond with Your Kids

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health, but did you know exercise can also help you bond as a family?

Here’s why …

When we exercise together we:

1) Improve communication

In addition to the physical benefits exercise brings, there are also psychological and social benefits that come from engaging in physical activity as a family.

One study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that families who engaged in physical activity together reported higher levels of communication and relationship satisfaction compared to families who did not (Hall et al., 2015).

This is most likely due to the fact that physical activity promotes bonding and teamwork. When we workout as a family we spend quality time together and we work hard, but also have fun.

Parents can encourage their children to learn new skills.

This can set a positive foundation for lifelong healthy habits.

2) Increase feelings of connectedness

Physical exercise can help to reduce stress and improve mood. This in turn can contribute to a more positive and harmonious family environment.

A review of research published in the Journal of Family Theory and Review found that physical activity was associated with reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in both parents and children (Loprinzi et al., 2018).

Movement can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem, which can lead to a greater sense of connectedness within the family.

When families support and encourage one another, bonds are strengthened and the children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

3) And strengthen relationships

When we workout together we end up spending more time with our children.

The time spent together is towards accomplishing a common goal that is important to the family or the individuals in the family.

Exercise releases endorphins making everyone feel happy.

The time kids would spend on electronics can now be spend moving and bonding as a family.

That’s why I wrote the book 15 Fun Minutes to Strong Kids, How to Build a Lifestyle of Fun Movements Habits for Your Kids and created the 15 Fun Minutes to Strong Kids courses to help families bond with their children through movement.

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Monica Donosso is a mom and fitness coach based in Florida. She loves to inspire families to a healthy lifestyle of movement, mindful practices and good nutrition habits.


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